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First post of 2009.

Garrett’s 3 years old. Garrett likes to eat his frosting. And he likes to play the drums.

Happy New Year!


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…the invitation asks you not to bring anything? (This is mainly applying to children’s bday parties.)

Some colleagues and I were sitting around at lunch today and someone mentioned that they’d tried to steer people away from bringing gifts to their child’s birthday party, but EVERYONE brought a gift! Another mother said that she’d asked people to bring a food drive donation only…guests arrived with a donation AND a gift for her son.

Two mothers reported that they’d acted on the invitation request – didn’t bring a gift – and when they got to the party, they were the only ones without a gift.

So, the conversation turned to how to deal with that. What do you bring, so that you’re respecting the host’s wishes, yet not feeling like a slouch showing up empty handed!

My favorite suggestion was to bring a bottle of wine for the parents.

What do you think? Any ideas?

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