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Just read a tweet from someone who wanted to find good resources on the Web about vlogging. Thought I would add to that conversation with a list of video blogging blogs and other sites.

NOTE: This is a quick list, not thoroughly explored. We’ve done a cursory looksee, but nothing thorough. We’re not endorsing any of these sites or have any personal connection with the owners. We’re not responsible for any of the information on these sites.

I’m also including a list of my favorite places to find examples of the best video being produced for the Web. Please chime in and let us know about your favorites, too! NOTE: These are sites that we DO know and love, although we’re still not responsible for their content, though we’d love to be contributors.

Links to video blogging sites. How-tos and wherefors:

Some of my favorite sites that feature the Web’s best in video content:

Random Note: MUSIC and vlogs. Three words that you need to be aware of when thinking about using someone else’s music, including your favorite NIN track: Copyright, copyright and copyright. If you didn’t compose it or have explicit permission from the composer and musician(s) to use the music in your public video, you are using it illegally and unethically.

There are many free (or cheap) and legal ways to get music:

  • compose your own, if you play an instrument;
  • become a composer using clips from garage band or other similar software;
  • ask a friend who plays an instrument to let you record and use her/his music;
  • for a small fee, you can buy rights’ free music from many sites;
  • you or a friend can perform and record (most) music created before the copyright law was enacted around 1940.

Here’s a site that goes deeper into the subject: Music Copyright Laws in the U.S.

Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and more ideas to making and watching great online video!


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Now THIS is a beautiful, touching and memorable statement on the political scene. Out of the mouths of babes. Leave it to youth to cut through partisanship.

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First post of 2009.

Garrett’s 3 years old. Garrett likes to eat his frosting. And he likes to play the drums.

Happy New Year!

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This year the world is blogging about Poverty on Oct. 15. Sign up and join the conversation at BlogActionDay.Org.

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I just found this video. It’s pretty lovely! Reminds of one of my favorite quotes – from Malou in the Philippines: “If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.”

I think there’s also a point where we’re happy without moving or making a sound – we can sing and dance inside, if our bodies prevent us from doing so on the outside. The same goes for smiling. Smiling inside always finds its way out.



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